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Valparaíso, central Chile, on the border with the Pacific Ocean to the west, with Argentina to the east, is one of the 15 administrative divisions of Chile, being the third most populous region after the Metropolitan region of Santiago to the southeast.
Its capital is the port city of Valparaíso, created in 1974 and includes the provinces of Valparaiso, San Antonio, Quillota, Petorc, San Felipe, Los Andes and Isla de Pascua (Easter Island). Other important cities include Viña del Mar, Quillota, Quilpué and Villa Alemana.
In the north of the region it is mountainous, interrupted by wide valleys, including the extreme north of the Central Valley of Chile, that is between the coastal strips and the alluvial slopes in the neighborhoods of the Andes.
Main transversal valleys include those of the Aconcagua and Ligua rivers, their tributaries, and the Maipo river basin.
The region contains rich mineral resources, especially copper, kaolin and salt, as well as livestock farming in cattle and sheep farming on large pastures in the coastal mountains southwest of the Valparaiso region.
Located on the Pacific coast of central Chile, Valparaiso is known for its colorful houses, bohemian culture and beautiful views of the sea. Built on dozens of steep slopes overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Valparaiso boasts a labyrinth of cobbled streets and alleys, incorporating a rich architectural and cultural heritage, and is dominated by steep cliffs and suburbs that are reached by cable car and long staircases .
Muelle Prat, the recently refurbished pier, is a lively market area.
The most interesting part of Valparaiso is the historic area, where colonial buildings, churches and museums are found.
Also worth visiting is the house of Pablo Neruda, a few minutes from the city. A colorful, illuminated mansion overlooking the water. The house is now a museum, a visit to which, may pleasantly occupy an afternoon.
Valparaiso also has several popular beach resorts, most notably Viña del Mar. Portillo, near Monte Aconcagua (22,834 feet [6,960 meters]), which has become the most popular Andean winter resort in South America, especially for skiing.
The gastronomic culture in Valparaiso is made based on the best products of the sea mixed with the exquisite flavors of the earth.
Delicious dishes with European influences delight tourists and locals alike.
The port of Valparaiso has a very tasty gastronomy, with a mixture of seafood and ingredients of the earth. "Chorillana" (pork or meat with chorizo, fried eggs and French fries) and the traditional seafood soup (a soup made of clams, prawns and other seafood with vegetables and a little milk) are two of the most famous dishes of the City.
The coast is the best place to buy seafood and fresh fish, and in the markets Cardonal or Porto, you can enjoy a home cooked meal at affordable prices.
Another very popular dish in the port area is "Mariscal", a recipe prepared with steamed seafood cooked in a sauce seasoned with lemon and salt, and accompanied by a traditional Chilean salad, consisting of a new mixture of onion with chopped tomatoes.
The European heritage is present in some desserts such as "Fried milk", prepared with milk, sugar, lemon peel, cinnamon and cornstarch. It is done by baking the flour with milk and sugar until thickened in a firm mass that is then distributed, fried and served with a crust of golden sugar and cinnamon powder.
"Pisco" (grape brandy) and wine are the most popular drinks in Valparaiso, which can be enjoyed with meals or as appetizers.
The Valparaiso Region is located in the middle of Chile. It is characterized mainly by mountains, connecting the coastal and fluvial strip, with the Andes Mountain range.
Being Mediterranean climate, it is very rainy in Valparaíso in the winter and cold in the mountainous area.
Climatically, the region is in a transition zone between the arid northern part of Chile and the central moist part.
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